The Covenant

Based on the teachings and doctrines set forward by Savinus Adjudice, the Covenant is Myria’s most dominant religious institution today. Named for the pact forged by Savinus between the mortal world and the Gods, the Covenant seeks to promote harmony between the peoples of Myria and to abolish the widespread use of Arcane magic, which it has deemed blasphemous in the eyes of the Divine.

“To touch their domain and shirk their guidance is a most grievous insult to the Divine. Our unenlightened touch forever taints their Hallowed halls.” -Savinus Adjudice,

Founded by The Five Disciples during the final days of the Arcadian Imperium, the Covenant grew from rebellion to religious movement within a few short years. The writings and teachings of Savinus were recorded and disseminated wherever the Five journeyed. With the collapse of Myria’s largest political power, many towns and settlements were abandoned to their fates at the hands of marauders and monsters from the edges of civilization. Many more lands might have fallen in these dark days if those soldiers who had gathered beneath the banners of Savinus and his Five had not intervened to restore order to a world on the brink of madness.

Today, the temples of the Covenant can be found in almost every city across the continent. Priests and Clerics of the Covenant travel far and wide to promote the goals of the Faith. Even the most powerful lords of the land hesitate to refuse an audience with a cleric or paladin of the Covenant. The High Cleric sits at the heart of the Faith, the mortal chosen by the Gods to execute their Will as they once chose Savinus Adjudice

The Covenant

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